Monday, September 14, 2009

I Begin Video Game Development Once Again Today

After many, many, many false starts over the past ten or so years, I'm finally getting back into game design. This time I'm going to do most of it myself and the outsource a little talent here and there for the things I know I flat out can't do (illustration for example). Originally I planned on having a team of at least five people work on the project but after sitting down and looking over how it all works, I think I can do most all of it on my own. Which is great, because with the history I've had on projects like this, even one other person not totally committed tends to kill the whole smash.

As Pedro Cerrano said in Major League:

I stick it up for you Jobu. You no help me now...I say fuck you Jobu. I do it myself.

I don't want to release too many details but the game is a visual novel. It will not be hentai based nor a dating sim, just a straight visual novel with branching aspects. Actually, I think it'll be something that a lot of people can relate to, especially those that play these type of games. I hope to have something of a proof of concept internal demo wrapped up in about three weeks. I said internal, that's because it will not be released to the public, instead it will be used to possibly bring a couple other select individuals on board. I know I can do all but the character graphics on my own, as well as most of the writing, scenario design, game design, character design, and all of the Foley work. Character design and music are the only places I really need look elsewhere and I have my music person in mind already. A lot of the basic framework will be set up this weekend and into next week. Although most say to start small, I'm aiming for this to be at least a 2-3 hour game when it's all said and done.

Wish me luck.

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