Thursday, April 03, 2008

The April 2008 issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly will be without me

Figured I'd make a notice here, for if anything to remind me that I missed an issue when I go to post my RTM archives at David's Video Game Insanity. I've been sick in the past week or so, which is why not much of me has been seen outside of a couple game list updates here and there. Because of my illness (nothing serious mind you) I was unable to wrap up my April RTM article in any amount of acceptable time frame. That and well, I really was unhappy with where the article was - which is why I stopped to reevaluate the game. Between that time of stopping to reevaluate the game and the April deadline is when I became sick. So the April issue of Retrogaming Times Monthly will be missing my NES'cade column. It will return in May however possibly along with a second submission and a new (although short run) column. However we'll see about that when next month rolls around. In the meantime I should really finish up that article and get to work on planning some others. While I'm not 100% currently I'm well able to get some work done.