Sunday, September 06, 2009


Considering that for the past couple years I've been the only person posting in a general topic blog myself and a couple friends once used, I figured I'd instead put those thoughts here. Granted I do eventually hope to change a few things around and get back to something of how it once was. A big problem with me posting and writing stuff online lately is that I really don't enjoy using the computer I currently have. I miss my old rig that didn't survive moving a little over a year ago. While the computer I've been using since is quite decent, I'm once again in the technology rut. Although the previous computer was old, it still never held me back from running the applications that I wanted to. This one is different. Same goes with the frequent lockups. Although it's faster, it's simply not as stable. Because of this I'm in the market for a replacement and have begun socking a little cash away every now and then.

Now the reason for posting this. As some may notice, the title of this blog has changed a little. Going forward all my general postings will appear here rather than at Z11 until I get Z11 back to how it was. I usually post about things I just enjoy in general. Most are still industry or tech related so they should fit in fine here.

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