Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SM CCG = $$$

Running down auctions for a customizable / collectible card game that went out of production in like 2002 is not a good thing to be obsessed with right now.  Unfortunately I was right on with predicting the trend that the Sailor Moon CCG would shoot up in desire and price with the re-release of the translated manga.  Two years ago you could get sealed cases of the premiere booster packs for $20 - $30.  Now days they hit $60 without even trying.  I'd love to complete my premiere set (only missing two foils) and go after the hard to find Past & Future expansion set and the even harder to find "unlimited" version of the base set.  Basically to fill up the rest of the Past & Future expansion packs, the original premiere set (except for like two cards that were starter box exclusives and the foils) was reprinted as "unlimited" with a different logo in the corner and the rarity listing on each card.  "Unlimited" was kind of a mistake to call the set though since far fewer of them (and the Past & Future expansion which was very hard to find outside of starter decks) were produced than the premiere edition.

Anyway, while I only need two foils for my premiere set, I would still like to go through another entire sealed box just because it's fun.  Some of my foils came from another sealed booster box a few years ago but most came from small lots of random cards purchased on eBay.  I won one such lot this morning and another (no foils but more damage counter beads) ends in an hour or so.  I figure after another premiere box then I can focus on the random cheap auctions and really zeroing in on the missing Past & Future expansion cards.  And in case anyone is wondering, yes I know how to and actually play the game.  I'm not tying to get one of every card and stop, I have boxes and boxes of Sailor Moon CCG cards used to make decks.

I really should have bought all I needed last year but it's good to see Sailor Moon becoming popular again.  Even if it makes the items that became really cheap over the years expensive again.  Let's hope a new DVD release makes the series affordable for everyone once again.