Saturday, May 04, 2013


Today wasn't particularly fun.  It started out fine but just before really beginning with my day, my computer developed a pretty nasty infection.  I pulled the network connection and got to work on fixing the issue, all spawned from a java based advertisement on an otherwise reputable site that was infected.  After about three hours I had the issue fixed but my Windows activation key file had been corrupted and I couldn't get it re-certified even thought I had a valid key.  So I used a different build of Windows that had a different key and about 15 hours after the issue began, things seem "normal" again.  I didn't loose any data since that's all archived but I did loose about half a year of bookmarks.  I've been going through the bookmarks from the last backup, adding in new things I can remember and removing ones that I had gotten rid of since the last archive.  It makes me realize how bloated my bookmarks had become over the past half year.  I think I have everything back in order and I've really slimmed them down.

I've come to the realization that old sites that have information that I want for reference, the ones that haven't been touched in years; those are ones I need to get what I want and remove the bookmark.  The reason for this is there are tons of sites that ARE getting constant updates that end up being brushed to the wayside and lost in the shuffle.  While it makes me smile to browse a site I've visited for years, if it's not really useful and not really maintained, then it's taking away time I can be browsing current sites more relevant to my interests.

Anime and Sailor Moon for instance.  There's so much happening and a few truly spectacular sites out there now.  It really makes me want to get going with my CCG indexing and scans project as it will be something I can offer that isn't already offered.  There is ONE really solid scan archive site for the CCG that has individual scans but the navigation is kinda strange.  The scans also aren't as nice as I would like to provide.  I would also like to develop at least one additional expansion set.  Big words, I know, but I still want to do it.

There are some things online that I really need to quit living in the past concerning, and this is one of them.  If I want to see Sailor Moon and anime sites of the past, well, that's why I maintain my Sailor Moon site.