Monday, February 25, 2013

Tomy Tutor Archive - R1

Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set - Release 1

InsaneDavid has a little present for everyone.  Last year, I decided that a big focus of many things I do should be to build some kind of legacy or preserve the legacy of things I find important.  For video gaming that comes down to the Tomy Tutor, a relatively unknown home computer from the early 1980's.  There is a lot of information out there about it in a few places, most of it really good.  However archiving the software and documentation surrounding the Tutor, in simple, clean form really isn't being done, at least in any real capacity.  A couple years ago we finally got clean dumps of the ten USA released Tomy Tutor cartridges.  Yet again, there is only one source online where they are publicly available and they are broken up with no information or documentation.  I want to change that.

Today I reinaugurate Team Radish as an archival group that I head.  We've been dormant for many years but it's time to come back.  Team Radish has gathered the clean USA Tomy Tutor cartridge images, as well as all currently available clean Japanese Tomy Pyuuta cartridge images, and compiled them into a single file.  We are simply archivers maintaining a current, clean, up to date archive of Tutor / Pyuuta cartridge dumps.

In addition we have begun archiving Tomy Tutor documentation, boxes, inserts and the like.  The eventual goal is to provide complete 1-to-1 .PDF files of all Tutor instruction booklets and documentation.

Download Tomy Tutor / Tomy Pyuuta Cartridge Archival Set - R1

This is hosted at the Gamer's Helpline.

Please read the full documentation file included with the archive.  Please direct all links and linkbacks FOR THIS RELEASE to THIS POST, not the archive download link itself.  Thank you.

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