Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Spectacular 2012: DAY 7 - Hallmark with Leonard Nimoy

InsaneDavid Presents: Christmas Spectacular 2012: Advertisements

DAY 7 - Hallmark with Leonard Nimoy

Hallmark ads are terrible. They've always been so poorly thought up. Let's not even begin to think of all those stupid "flip the card over" commercials, the ones where they even got Ray Charles to shill for them in those. (Then again Ray Charles had a period in the 1990's where he was selling everything, such as Diet Pepsi - talk about a blind taste test!) So why then is a Hallmark ad in this series? Well, because this one from 1992 doesn't overstep its boundaries. It's hokey, it's corny, and it's Leonard Nimoy with a ton of pancake makeup.


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