Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Spectacular 2012: DAY 19 - Coleco Electronic Quarterback

InsaneDavid Presents: Christmas Spectacular 2012: Advertisements

DAY 19 - Coleco Electronic Quarterback

Yeah, electronic games two days in a row but these are LED handhelds and are of a slightly earlier era.  I simply love this ad because it shows a competitors product, and everyone remembers Mattel Football.  Well here Coleco is pushing their enhanced version as a better game and more importantly a better value.  The tagline at the end "a lot more football for the money" is excellent ad copy.  Of course Mattel would address the shortcomings of their original game with the introduction of Football II.  The more you know: Kevin Flynn plays Electronic Quarterback for a moment in his loft in the film TRON.

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