Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Spectacular 2012: DAY 15 - Ovaltine with Captain Midnight (1955)

InsaneDavid Presents: Christmas Spectacular 2012: Advertisements

DAY 15 - Ovaltine with Captain Midnight (1955)

Okay, this isn't a commercial the way you would think of a more current commercial but it's a television advertisement just the same. Also this type of commercial fits in with the perennial favorite Christmas film, A Christmas Story, so I'm including it. Captain Midnight ran as a radio serial from 1938 to 1949. In 1940 Ovaltine began sponsorship (complete with Pierre Andre as the narrator - another A Christmas Story reference) and took the show national. There was a Columbia Pictures serial in 1942 and after the radio show ended there was a television show that ran from 1954 - 1956. Ovaltine continued sponsorship until the series went into syndication in 1958, resulting in the syndicated Captain Midnight episodes being redubbed as Jet Jackson Flying Commando. Here we have the Ovaltine sponsorship advertisement from an episode of Captain Midnight, the food drink for rocket power!

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