Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Spectacular 2012: DAY 13 - 7 Up, Christmas 1992 Campaign

InsaneDavid Presents: Christmas Spectacular 2012: Advertisements

DAY 13 - 7 Up, Christmas 1992 Campaign

One would assume with a soda connoisseur such as myself there would have been a soda commercial earlier in this list. We'll here's the first and while it isn't for Coca-Cola, it does feature a long forgotten advertising stab at Coke. Here we have a couple of 7 Up Spots carving a block of ice into the good old upside down Coca-Cola glass introduced in the 1970's. A sadly forgotten, completely ingenious, advertising idea since 7 Up is (and should still be marketed as) "The Uncola." Toss in an always welcome voice over by Daniel Stern (who did a few 7 Up commercials) and you have a nice, calm, Christmas soda ad that doesn't get in your face or wear out its welcome.

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